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title myLG070 Subscription heat over 700,000 date 2009. 8. 31

The 070 internet phone service which allows users to save up to 50-60 percent of the existing call charge and make free calls between the service users has scored 1.2 million subscribers in a year since its launch.

Particularly, as a system allowing people to keep their existing phone number in order to use internet phones is to take effect starting July, the number of internet phone subscribers is likely to increase further.

It is found that more than 1.2 million people have diverted from local phones to the 070 internet phone in the past year from June last year when the new service had started to June this year.

Among them, the largest number of 700,000 (as of June 17) was captured by LG Dacom which had launched its internet phone service “myLG070” in June last year.

 Samsung Networks which dominates the corporate internet phone market came in second with 280,000 subscribers and other operators including Dreamline, SK Telink, SK Networks and Korea Cable Telecom (KCT) have attracted more than 200,000 users, respectively, while the number of applicants is still on a rise.

Industry insiders attribute a sharp increase in the number of subscribers for the internet phone service to the widespread understanding that internet phones charge lower than local phones and that internet phones allow free calls among users.

“A large number of customers are surging into the LG Powercom high-speed internet service which presents an additional discount via package products. Since the number of the subscribers had exceeded 300,000 in February last year, it has added 100,000 monthly and given the current trend, it is expected to reach 1.4 million by the end of this year,” a LG Dacom official said.

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