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title Internet phones do not need PCs go date 2009. 8. 31

An Internet phone that connects directly to a LAN or highspeed Internet network without a PC has come into the market.

On July 11, at the COEX conference center in Sam Sung Dong, Seoul, UniData Communication Systems, Inc.(www.udcsystems.com/ CEO Dai Jin Lee) announced that the 'IPW-2000', an Internet phone in the shape of a regular telephone that can replace the existing
keyphone system in today's office, will go into production starting next month.

Unlike existing Internet phones, where you have to log onto the Internet phone homepage and become a member to use it, the IPW-2000 can be used by just plugging into a LAN or a highspeed Internet network.

Also, with the contents Teledivine(www.teledivine.com/ CEO Kwan Sik Kong) provides, such as area shop phone numbers, information, and other telephone directories, through the LCD window, there are no advertisements to look at.

CEO Dai Jin Lee says, "Telephone calls between IPW-2000 will be free of charge, and other telephone calls, including long distance calls and international calls, will only cost the user the cost of a regular local phone call."

UniData has recently signed a deal with GNG Networks, in which they will supply GNG Networks with 300,000 IPW-2000 over the next 3 years.

In time with the change from the analog communication network to the digital communication network, UniData finished the development of the Internet PBX System, and announced the solution and started the foreign marketing at Germany's Hanover Cebit 2000 on February 29, 2000, and at the CT Expo at U.S. L.A. on March 7, 2000, and also showcased the solution in Korea at the Internet/Network Korea 2000 exhibition held at the COEX from May 25 to 28.

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