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title The development of the PC-less internet date 2009. 8. 31
An Internet phone that connects directly to the Internet to provide convenient telephone functions without a PC has arrived. 

Unidata Communication Systems, Inc.(www.udcsystems.com/ CEO Dai Jin Lee) announced on July 5 that they have developed an Internet phone(IPW-2000) in the shape of a regular phone, and will go into production. 

The IPW-2000 can be used by just plugging into a LAN or a highspeed Internet network. 

Unlike existing Internet phones, where you have to turn on your computer, log onto the specific Internet phone homepage and become a member to use it, all you need to do with the IPW-2000 is pick up the phone. 

UniData explains that "By plugging in the IPW-2000 to an existing LAN line in the office, you can build a network environment that will not only cost your local phone calls nothing, but long distance calls and international calls will also be free or cost only a fraction of what you would normally pay." 

Chairman Dai Jin Lee(35), a graduate of Dongguk University(Seoul, Korea) who majored in electronics, says "There were approximately 20 companies who started developing an Internet phone similar to the IPW-2000, such as Cisco, Nokia and 3Com among other international communication companies, but so far only 3 or 4 companies have announced their product at international conventions this year," and added that "the IPW-2000 has already been highly complimented for its technology and design at communication conventions held in Germany and the U.S." 

UniData has recently signed a deal with GNG Networks, in which they will supply GNG Networks with over 300,000 IPW-2000 over the next 3 years. 
UniData will go into serious production of the IPW-2000 starting this month, producing 100,000 units per month. 

Sales of the IPW-2000 in Korea will go through GNG Networks and other communication network companies, or Internet service companies. 

Following the development of the IPW-2000, UniData is planning on developing an Internet phone for the household as well.

Source link: http://www.hankyung.c
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