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title Lucent Technologies to Present VoIP Interoperability At Internet Telephony Conference and Expo date 2009. 8. 31

UniData Becomes the Latest CPE Vendor to Join 7R/E(TM)  Packet Solutions' iMerge Partners Pavilion

SAN DIEGO, Inernet Telephony Conference and Expo, Booths 127-136, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/

Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) announced today it is bringing together a group of voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) CPE vendors to its 7R/E iMerge(TM) Partners Pavilion at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo, October 5-6, in San Diego.  The Lucent pavilion will demonstrate interoperability between various vendors' IP phones with Lucent's 7R/E iMerge Centrex Feature Gateway (CFG).

Lucent also announced that UniData Communication Systems has become the latest vendor to demonstrate that its full-featured IP Centrex phone successfully interoperates with the 7R/E iMerge CFG. "We're linking our Partner Pavilion booths in a local area network to the iMerge CFG," said Ken Arndt, vice president of marketing.  "Attendees will be able to see a multivendor environment with hundreds of local calling features -- such as three-way calling, call transfer and call forward -- that have never before been available in the VoIP industry. "Most exciting, however, will be the presentation of various iMerge applications, including multilocation Centrex, virtual office for road warriors, seamless work environments for teleworkers and virtual call centers," said Arndt.  "These applications are powerful new ways to communicate.  They have been promised from many vendors for more than a year
but never rolled out."

The companies participating with Lucent Technologies in the 7R/E iMerge Partners Pavilion are CallComm, CIDCO, congruency, e-tel, Netergy Networks,Nx Networks, Quicknet and UniData. The 7R/E iMerge CFG -- available today and sold as part of Lucent Technologies' 7R/E Packet Solutions portfolio -- extends office Centrex features over packet networks, giving users the ultimate VoIP service.  IP Centrex features and applications enable network-based business communications services that are limitations of the current PBX-based business services.  The product combines the inherent reliability of the public switched telephone
network with the cost-saving advantages of the packet network.  Most important, however, are the revenue-generating applications that make employees more effective and enterprises more competitive.

UniData's IP Centrex phone, which will be demonstrated live at the show, features a 20x5 character, 128x64 resolution LCD screen, along with all the features expected from a digital business telephone.  Hold, flash, transfer and redial are complemented by eight user-defined, programmable keys. One-touch functions include speaker phone, call forwarding, call park and caller ID.  A long list of menu items can be navigated on-screen using a set of arrow keys.  The phone even includes its own digital answering machine. The phone's Ethernet/IP features include a selection of G.711, G.723.1 or G.729 voice compression and static or DHCP IP addressing.  An integrated two-port hub allows the user to run one Ethernet wire through the phone to a computer's network interface card.

UniData Communication Systems, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is leading the way in providing a next-generation IP communications portal system that will provide a total solution for VoIP networks, including its IP Centrex phone that is fully compatible with the 7R/E iMerge CFG.  UniData also provides solutions such as home Internet and mobile Internet devices that
connect public and private networks.  For more information, visit the
company's web site at

Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Murray Hill, N.J., designs and delivers the systems, software, silicon and services for next-generation communications networks for service providers and enterprises.  Backed by the research and development of Bell Labs, Lucent focuses on high-growth areas such as broadband and mobile Internet infrastructure; communications software; communications semiconductors and optoelectronics; web-based enterprise solutions that link private and public networks; and professional network design and consulting services.  For more information on Lucent Technologies, visit its web site at http://www.lucent.com.

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