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title UniData's IP Phones Awarded CT Expo 2001 Best of Show date 2009. 8. 31

UniData Makes IP Phones - Bluetooth, Too!

UniData (San Jose, CA - 925-463-4890), a partner of Anyuser.com, was showing a range of sexy new IP telephones at Expo. All are designed as information terminals - doing both regular IP voice (and, depending on model, PSTN) and WAP data calls. The built-in WAP browser drives an ample, backlit, 16-level grayscale, monochrome LCD display, with adjacent scrolling and softkeys. All are nice designs - economical of desktop real estate, ergonomically correct.

The one that most tickled our fancy was their IPC-4000 - a wireless phone that interfaces with Bluetooth transceivers (HAP-2000) for voice/data connectivity. The IPC-4000 phone sits in a charging cradle, and can be used in the cradle as a fixed speakerphone/WAP terminal. You can also pick it up and walk, talk, and WAP with it around the home or office. It's a sleek, full-sized phone (not designed for in-pocket use) with easy-to-read and easy-to-press keys - one can easily imagine catalog-shopping through this interface.

As if this weren't enough, the phone incorporates an optional MP3 player, so it can be your desktop music source, as well. Very cool. The Bluetooth interface provides enough bandwidth, from home LAN to phone, to drive streaming audio applications as well. Internet radio, anyone?

l WirelessIP 5000 Won the Grand prize in NETWORLD+INTEROP 2004 TOKYO best of show award
l IPW-2000 Won the Editor's Choice Award from the Industry Leading Internet Telephony Magazine