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title Siracom Launches Business Mobile VoIP Handsets date 2009. 8. 31

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UniData phones give business quality voice over WiFi networks: ideal for companies where staff aren’t tied to desks, works with SIP compatible PBXs

1 December, 2008 - Siracom, the value-added distributor of wireless and wired communications solutions, has launched the UniData WPU7700 wireless IP handset, which gives enterprise telephony functionality over WiFi networks.

Targeting sectors where staff are not desk-based such as logistics and warehousing, retail, education and others, the UniData handset combines the advantages of IP telephony, the convenience of wireless communications, and the cost effectiveness of private networks and private telephone systems.

UniData’s wireless phones use the prevalent SIP standard (Session Initiation Protocol) enabling users to make and receive phone calls via their company IP PBX or VoIP service, using existing wireless and wired networks and without loss of PBX functionality.

The handset has an easy-to-use mobile phone user interface and a range of features which make it suitable for business and industry including automatic provisioning, robust security, fast roaming, enhanced power save technology for long battery life, and patented WMM technology for excellent speech quality.

Rob Leggett, Sales director for Siracom said: “Businesses have invested in pervasive wireless LAN to improve productivity and efficiency, by delivering applications where they are needed. Voice has become another enterprise application, and the WPU7700 enables it to be delivered cost-effectively, with full PBX functionality, regardless of location across existing “free” infrastructure.

“Unidata’s Voice-over-WiFi phones provide secure mobile extensions for companies’ non desk-based staff, meaning companies can reap the benefits of mobile telephony in the workplace without having to pay additional costs for a new network or mobile call charges.”

The Unidata WPU7700 wireless IP handset is available now from Siracom, with a list price of £150.



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