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title Success Story ㅡ Hyundai Asan Medical Center date 2010. 1. 12
Success Story : Hyundai Asan Medical Center
(Sister Company of Hyundai – Seoul, Korea)
Completely interoperable with H’s AP Controller in the Asan Medical Center, the system uses a wireless Wi-Fi phone simultaneously through the AP Controller. In addition, all information about IT is controlled collectively. Security and quick data processing are important issues for Asan’s IT management. Asan decided to use the WPU-7700 as an extension phone in the hospital, as the WPU-7700 is judged by BMT, with other Wi-Fi phones, to be a suitable handset in these circumstances. The reason for using Unidata’s Wi-Fi phone in this complex wireless setting is its ability to interoperate with other products, and the possibilities for future development because it observes the SIP (Ver. 2) standard and was developed using an open source basis. Seamless roaming also guarantees prompt and reliable data to the moving workers, so a good result is acquired through continuous IOP testing between Unidata and H’s AP. H’s AP controller used by Asan is the most competitive product across the world. Once it has passed the test, the WPU-7700 is also expected to grow steadily in the overseas special vertical market (wholesale, hospitals, warehouses, airports) in the IP telephony market.
Asan deploys one unified network to integrate data and voice applications in order to reduce operation costs. Additionally, improved communications between doctors and nurses can enhance patient care. UniData’s Wireless IP phones make it possible for nurses to interact with patients and communicate with other medical staff quickly and easily. This simplified network management resulted in the consolidation of IT staff while improving efficiency and realizing huge time and cost savings.
Direct communications with nurses expedites response times and decision-making, thus improving patient care.
About Hyundai Asan Medical Center - Global Medical Complex
With an area greater than 3 million sq. ft. and with 2,708 beds, Asan Medical Center is the largest hospital in Korea. AMC's first-class doctors and specialists, cutting-edge equipment, and advanced patient care system are the factors behind its position as the leader in Korea's medical society. AMC treats 9,000 outpatients and 200 emergency patients on an average day. It also performs 49,000 highly complex surgeries each year.
About UniData
UniData means creating a terminal or system for the future with a set of functions that can maximize the transference of video voice data to and from a platform. Established in 1997, UniData first introduced the dial-up PC communication-based voice solution and continued on to develop a video-based compact wireless communication device.
In 2009, the company reached IP phone sales over the 1.44-million mark in a record with LG Dacom. UniData have completed compatibility tests between UniData’s IP phone and Nortel, Avaya, and Broadsoft and is supplying the product to overseas markets through 14 partners across the world. UniData also released the world’s first wireless video WLAN phones SQ-3500 and SQ-3100 in 2009.
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l UniData WPU-7700 hit the 1.44 million sales